Borobudur International Online Course on Heritage Material Conservation 2020

“Mainstreaming Traditional-Based Methodologies and Natural Products on Heritage Material Conservation”




Date : October 19 – 30, 2020

Borobudur Conservation Office are pleased to announce our first international events called Borobudur International Online Course on Heritage Material Conservation 2020 (BIOCHEMCO 20)

We invites students, professionals, young conservators and archeologists from all around the world to discuss traditional based methodologies and natural products on material conservation.

Currently, the development of cultural heritage conservation in Indonesia is more oriented towards the application of centuries-long local wisdoms which have their own characteristics based on traditional methodologies and natural products. In its application, conservation based on traditional methodologies and natural products has more advantages compared to conventional method that uses synthetic chemicals. The former method is more suitable and easy to apply in Indonesia because of the availability of products, reversible, and minimum negative impact on the long run.

The course comprises of online class, virtual tour, laboratory practice, and interactive discussion. It will be held on October 19 – 30, 2020 using Zoom Webinar application. Only 30 selected participants are allowed to attend this course, so please make sure to register yourself before October 14, 2020.

The course is carried out online by using video teleconference. Laboratory practice demonstration will be held online from Borobudur Conservation Office. In the final part of the course, all participant, individually or in groups will present their own traditional based conservation or local cultural practices that could potentially be developed as conservation method. In this presentation and discussion section there will be exchange of information between each participant. The portion for each activity are about 30% class activities, 40 % laboratory practice, and 30 % discussion. Click here to see full schedule.


Course :

Online Class :

  1. Indonesia’s cultural heritage and preservation policy.
    Speaker : Director General of Culture, Ministry of Education and Culture / President of ICOM Indonesia
  2. Human resources development in cultural heritage conservation
    Speaker : Director of Development for Cultural Manpower and Cultural Institutions, Ministry of Education and Culture
  3. Capacity building for World Heritage Conservation
    Speaker : UNESCO Office Jakarta
  4. Icomos Emerging Professionals Working Group (EPWG) and material conservation
    Speaker : Khaerunnisa, S.T., M.Eng., Ph.D.
  5. Cultural heritage conservation based on traditional methodologies
    Speaker : Dr. Daud Aris Tanudirjo, M.A.
  6. Biodiversity, natural resource diversity in Indonesia and their potential as a conservation material.
    Speaker : Prof. Riyanto, S.Pd., M.Si., Ph.D.
  7. Development of heritage conservation based on traditional methodologies and utilization of natural products in Indonesia.
    Speaker : Nahar Cahyandaru, S.Si., M.A


Virtual Tour :

  • Cultural heritage of Indonesia (monumen, sites, area, museum dan artefacts)
    Speaker : Director of Cultural Protection, Ministry of Education and Culture; and National Museum Indonesia.


Laboratory Practice :

  1. Metals conservation based on traditional methodologies
    Speaker : Ari Swastikawati, S.Si., M.A
  2. Extraction of natural products for wood conservations
    Speaker : Nahar Cahyandaru, S.Si., M.A
  3. Natural adhesive and its application for cultural heritage object
    Speaker : Leliek Agung Haldoko, S.T
  4. Essential oil as biocide on cultural heritage conservation
    Speaker : Sri Wahyuni, A.Md


Discussion :

  • Presentations from each participant or groups about traditional based conservation or local conservation practical which has potential to be developed into conservation method



Participants are required to speak in English fluently, both orally and in writing. Participants are also required to do presentations online and take part in the entire course. The target number of participants are 30 people, consist of 15 Indonesian, and 15 foreign participants. Participants will be selected, and the number of participants can be increased if there are more participant who qualified. There are no restrictions on the country of origin, but participants should understand the differences in time zones.



  • Participants prepare the following data:

– Curriculum vitae (in pdf format, max 1 MB)

– Motivation to attend the course (max 50 words)

– Conservation method based on local methodologist. It will be presented during discussion (max 200 words)

– Photo (in jpg format, max 1 MB)

  • Participants fill out the form and input data via the link
  • Registration schedule is September 28 – October 14, 2020
  • Selected participant will be announced in this website and also contacted via email on October 16, 2020
  • This program is free of charge